We are aware that the Emmaculate Care Services health and homecare staff will always play a very important role in Service Users’ welfare. To maximize this contribution, we will do the following:

  • Employ staff in sufficient numbers and with the relevant mix of skills to meet service user’s needs.
  • Provide at all times an appropriate number of staff with qualification in health and social care.
  • Observe recruitment policies and practices, which both respect equal opportunity and protect Service User’s safety and welfare.
  • Offer our staff a range of training that is relevant to their induction, foundation experience and further development.
  • Through a process of getting to know you and your family and by asking you a few questions as to your preferences, we select carers / health professionals who would make a good match.
  • We base that on our familiarity with the carers`/ health professionals’ personality, where he/she lives, whether he/she has a car, and many other criteria that enable us, more often than not, to make the right selection from the very start.
  • We then make a particular carer/nurse or required health professional available to you for a free interview.

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