We have a simple mission within our comprehensive, client / patient-centered approach:

  • We will bring state-of-the-art, innovative health care to our clients in their homes and stakeholder healthcare providers` establishments
  • We will be reliable and effective health care team members helping manage the client’s needs
  • We will diligently contribute to the overall effort of providing care so our clients are able to continue to enjoy life at home and receive quality healthcare
  • We will have respect for the intrinsic worth, dignity and individualiaty of the person and his / her racial and ethnic identity and cultural heritage.
  • We will demonstrate knowledge about conditions, prospects, options, opportunity and ways of improving the individual’s life.
  • Fulfilment of personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life, including the chance to develop new skills and knowledge.
  • Privacy from unnecessary intrusion, and the preservation and safeguard of confidentiality.

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