Face to Face Training

We provide Face to Face training especially for the following courses as they require practical sessions;

  1. Moving and Handling
  2. Basic Life Support including CPR
  3. Fire Safety Awareness
  4. Medication Awareness

Competence Assessments and further training are also provided for the courses

1.1.1.   Three Day Training Course

ECS provides a three (3) day training course to cover “Mandatory Training Courses in Health and Social Care” or the “Care Certificate” especially to new starters in the industry.

1.1.2.   One Day Training Course

Emmaculate Care Services provides a one-day Refresher training course to cover the “Mandatory Training Courses in Health and Social Care” for experienced workers and entrants into the career.

1.1.3.    Continuing Professional Development Courses

Our approach to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is designed to meet the personal and career development needs of health and social care professionals. We offer the Health and Social Care Courses from Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 courses for both funded and unfunded courses depending on each candidate`s circumstances. Feel free to contact our offices for further information.

Our Approach to Training

  • Knowledge base delivery component
  • Self Assessment of knowledge, skills  and competence
  • Demonstration of competence (Both theory and practical)

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