Duty of Care
CATEGORY: Health and Social Care Mandatory Courses

Duty of Care

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Course CQC Compliant and Aligned to Skills for Health’s Core Skills Training Framework (CSFT)

As a service provider in a care setting, whether you have experience
in social care or as a health care worker, you have an obligation to ensure
that you uphold a duty of care to the individuals that you help and provide
support to, as well as those you work alongside within the workplace. This
means that you have a responsibility to safe guard your
patients/clients/colleagues from any potential or actual harm whether physical,
emotional or psychological, and to ensure you maintain a high standard of care
as part of your job role.

The aims and objectives of this module are as follows: 

  • To understand what is meant by Duty of
    Care and also the implications of same;
  • Be aware of conflicts in the provision
    of Duty of Care and managing dilemmas;
  • Addressing dilemmas and dealing with






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